Clio, The History Muse by K. Everdingen, 1678

Well now you can....

Even though we are warned not to believe everything we read, people go right on believing. In this high-tech world of media razzle-dazzle, if it looks true, then it is true.

Clio, The History Muse by Y. Iverny, 1435
So...why not use that to your advantage and add a little spin to your life? Politicians do it. The media does it. Now it's your turn. More and more, people from your past are looking up your name on the internet. Why not give them something juicy to find.

Clio, The History Muse by S. Stoskopff, 1657

Imagine their surprise when they find that you fell into bad company and are now residing at an Asylum For The Criminally Insane. Or that you have finally seen the light and are currently studying to be a monk at a Monastery in Tibet. Or dazzle them when the find that you have earned a coveted position in a world-renowned Think Tank.

We build you into one of our fake "smoke and mirror" websites.

    Choose one of our websites.
    Fill in some biographical information so people will really sense that it's you.
    Then we set the gears in motion and change the course of history:

We will set up a web page about you and add it to your choosen institution's website

We will give you the ability to send and recieve email from the website.

We will submit your name and bio to search engines so people will be able to find you and your new career path.

Every month we offer a different selction of websites. The reason for this is to protect the identity of these websites. Rather than showing all of our websites and perhaps spoiling the surprise, we limit the numbers and keep the secret alive.

This month we offer the following possibilities:

Have yourself committed at Wakerich Asylum For The Criminally Insane. Choose your crime and illness. And then your complete mental health records as well as your criminal file will be made available for all to see. Someone giving you a hard time on a chat board? Send them an email from your cell at the Asylum. Tell them you have a weekend pass coming up and...

Visit WebsiteFAQs

Visit WebsiteFAQs
Imagine your former girlfriend's surprise when she finds out that you have become a monk. You prance around in orange robes and meditate all day. Ever buy anything on Ebay? Win an auction and then send the seller an email from the monastery asking for 50% off. Who is going to deny a poor selfless monk?

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